Gregory Scott

Gregory Scott
Art Toronto, 2011
October 28 – 31, 2011

This year’s Toronto’s International Art Fair was a great success. Filled with works of different media, one was constantly turning his head in order not to miss out on anything. My favorite pieces for this year’s art fair are Gregory Scott’s mixed media works at the Catherine Edelman Gallery: Dialogue, 2011; Construct, 2011; Attemptuous, 2008; Thanks for the Scribbles, 2011.

Dialogue, 2011. from Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago on Vimeo.

Often using himself as the model, Scott explores the idea of making still images move. His method is incorporating photography, painting, and video together in a seamless manner so that none of the mediums are distinguishable from another. His narrative works break the boundaries between the static and time-based media of representation, expanding the discourse between the media. These works also deal with the concept of pictorial illusionism, challenging the viewer’s perception of photographic truth. In a way, they could be seen as modern versions of the traditional trompe l’oeil illusionist paintings of the past.

Humorous, witty, and a commentary on the art world, Scott’s works generate a viewing experience that fools the eye and plays with the mind.

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