Bacon at Worth Gallery

“Are we creating new Gods?” – a question by Alex, also known as Bacon, is urging the audience to ask themselves the same. A philosophical debate between humanity and artificial intelligence has been on a constant rise. The dilemma we are facing is: are we, as humans, ready to handle such a great responsibility? With technology expanding beyond human capabilities, Bacon’s work challenges us to recognize how far we are willing to let technology manifest a greater power, and whether it will consume us as we are no longer in control of our creation. What is real becomes the “unreal” while the complexity of the “uncertain” grows on humanity.

Bacon’s works are not easy to find, as they are quite rare. It was worth the stop at the Worth Gallery for a look at the opening reception last Thursday. Finally, seeing a few of Bacon’s new works all in one place was a pleasurable experience. These works remind me of the massive murals and other graffiti work on buildings around downtown, including one of Bacon’s.

Anjou V2, spray paint on canvas, 48” x 72” (left) and Rising Sun V1, spray paint on canvas 84” x 84” (right)

Bacon was one of the first artists to be featured at Worth Gallery when it opened up in 2022. His work cover various objects and subjects, from still life to portraits and human anatomy parts with aerosol can techniques.

Bartlett V1, spray paint on canvas 84” x 48” (right) and Anjou V2, spray paint on canvas, 48” x 72” (left)

Bacon’s method demonstrates clean-cut strokes with metallic colour palettes that keep disconnecting our minds from our human and artificial subjects. The artist visually depicts artificial life in a way that provokes the question of whether this begins to form within us, or will we create something that will take us over.

Child of Phanes, oil on canvas 30” x 40” (left) and Look Within V2, spray paint on canvas, 60” x 72” (right)

The Bacon Bitz 2 show continues in downstairs of the gallery with a large screen showcasing over 40 works, from murals to sketches including some work in progress of portraits and figures by Bacon.

Installation view of Bacon Bitz 2 by Bacon

Bacon Bitz 2 is curated by Adrian Hayles, Director of the Worth Gallery.

Polyna Alexseev

Images are courtesy of Worth Gallery. Photo: Mark Segal.

*Exhibition information: Bacon Bitz 2 by Bacon, November 9 – 19, 2023, Worth Gallery, 830 Dundas Street West, Toronto. Gallery hours: Tue – Fri 4 – 8 pm, Sat – Sun 2 – 8 pm.

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