ineffable plasticity/the experience of being human

November 18, 2011
Opening Reception 8-11pm
Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art
curated by Camilla Singh
Artists: Matt Brown, Sherri Hay, Faith La Rocque, Jordan MacLachlan, Anders Oinonen, Susy Oliveira

The receptions for these two exhibitions proved lively as the art and fashion crowd came out to view the contemporary art works and socialize.

  Leonard Brooks, Mocca curator David Liss, Simon Cooper Cole. Photo: Mauricio Contreras-Paredes

The exhibit ineffable plasticity, the experience of being human in compassed a variety of media from painting to installation. Matt Brown’s Circle of Willis (ink on matte board) detailed drawings were engaging and colourful. The 30 works were depicting a recounting of the history of the world, lined the east wall of the gallery.

Visitor in front of Matt Brown’s Circle of Willis. Photo: Mauricio Contreras-Paredes

Jordan MacLachlan’s terracotta plaster fired figures reflecting a cross section of life, are mounted on a series of tables stretching through the gallery, captured the attention of visitors. MacLachlan used a variety of oil paints and other media such as nail polish to colour his figures. The artist works out of car garage in downtown Toronto.

 Jordan MacLachlan’s terracotta plaster figures.

Artist Jordan MacLanchlan. Photo: Mauricio Contreras-Paredes

Anders Oinonen‘s dark brooding paintings were compelling. Sherri Hays mixed media works were wonderfully graphic and revealing.

Artist  Anders Oinonen. Photo: Phil Anderson

Artist Sherri Hays. Photo: Mauricio Contreras-Paredes

Two of my favourite works were Crystal Ladder and Salt Ramp With Celestial Children by artist Faith La Rocque. The ladder with crystals suspended from the gallery’s ceiling was beautifully simple but embracing the theme of the exhibition.

Salt Ramp With Celestial Children by artist Faith La Rocque. Photo: Mauricio Contreras-Paredes

Salt Ramp With Celestial Children by artist Faith La Rocque. Photo: Mauricio Contreras-Paredes

Hot Wet Planet and Nature Stoned (chromira prints on card with foam core) by Susy Oliveira were oozing of wild green garden imagery.

Visitors check out work by Susy Oliveira. Photo: Phil Anderson

Curator Camilla Singh has a reputation for putting together intriguing exhibitions and once again has not failed to deliver a clever and thoughtful exhibition that reminds us that we are bound by nature and its hold on us.

 Curator Camilla Singh, Artist Matt Brown & friend. Photo: Mauricio Contreras-Paredes

Visitor George Whiteside, photographer and friend. Photo: Mauricio Contreras-Paredes

Visitor, Eldon Garnet, artist. Photo: Phil Anderson

Arnaqurk Ashevak, The Artist’s hand, 1991, from Human Nature. Photo: Mauricio Contreras-Paredes

Visiors with by Susy Oliveira’s Petal Piece. Photo: Mauricio Contreras-Paredes

Photo: Phil Anderson

The galleries of MOCCA were packed and it would require a second visit to check out the works in details. It was a fun opening with nearby galleries also having openings at Edward Day Gallery and Clint Roenisch Gallery.

The opening at Edward Day Gallery. Photo: Mauricio Contreras-Paredes

Text by Phil Anderson

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