Saturday, February 4, 2012 2 – 4 p.m.

February 4th ushered in 3 new exhibitions at Toronto’s MOCCA: Tasman RIchardson’s Necropolis, Spectral Landscape, and Daisuke Tak’s GOD Loves Japan.eya

Artist Daisuke Tak

Daisuke Tak’s GOD Loves Japan

Highly acclaimed, the three exhibitions kicked off MOCCA’s 2012 season offering an array of palatable aesthetic experiences which address a wide spectrum of themes and issues.

Spectral Lanscape

An interesting and exciting beginning to the year, the opening was well attended. Visitors crowded the foyer and spilled out into the yard as they mingled and sampled delicious fare.

Daisuke Tak’s GOD Loves Japan

Daisuke Tak’s GOD Loves Japan

Necropolis, which is in MOCCA’s main gallery space, creates an immersive multi-media experience which allows for visitors to enter in pairs. It is not easy to navigate the narrow corridors with the bluring TV screens on the site.

Artist Tasman RIchardson, creator of Necropolis

The slowed entrance added intrigue to the exhibtion, but also was the cause of a great deal of congestion, as the line-up snaked through the already crowded foyer.

An afternoon opening, this welcoming of MOCCA’s winter exhibitions was perhaps done with less raucous fanfare than their usual Friday night celebrations, but the family-friendly time encouraged the attendance of an interested variety of generations.

Text: Miriam Arbus. Photo: Mauricio Contreras-Paredes

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